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Thursday, February 24, 2011

8/24 La Granja Espresso Stout by Nørrebro Bryghus

The label says that it is a company of Hedehusene, Denmark. 7.5%alc./Vol. 600mL bottle. But it's made with Canadian Maple Syrup!!! The question is: Is it a Denmark company that makes beer in Canada, or is the syrup exported and brought back with alcohol?

First Impression: 2/6... Simple bottle. Perhaps a bit too simple looking... except for the cool "ø" character in place of the traditional "o" to make the "uh" sound. At least it's cold... like, "my refrigerator cold". I just realized it's been so long since I used the word refrigerator that I forgot how to spell it. The aroma is certainly stouty; you know, nutty and chocolatey and such. I do detect some coffee scents as well, and maybe some black licorice. HA! Spell check on Google Chrome doesn't recognize the word licorice, and when it offers you a suggestion, it gives you licorice!!! Okay, okay, back to the beer. It's dark enough to block out the florescent light in my kitchen, but not so dark that the sun can't be seen through it. Probably would work as a good substitute for solar-eclipse goggles. The head rests comfortably over the.... fuck it, I want a drink!
What is it with these companies lacing their beers with mass amounts of Cu++???!!?!!? (see the entry on October 8, 2010... the pumpkin beer) The first part of the gulp was good, but the aftertaste is like someone trying to gag me with a roll of heavily used pennies. Is it the glass? No! I was careful to check it for cleanliness and odours before using it. Is it my taste-buds? Can't be. The last thing I ate was part of a chicken-kielbasa that certainly had no tin or aluminum in it, and I didn't just brush my teeth, so it's not an acid/base reaction. What's happening? Okay... I'm just gonna keep gulping so that I can avoid the aftertaste for longer, and we'll see what happens...
I'm getting a bit used to it. The "espresso" is more like tar... or is it pronounced "tire", and I suppose this is much more drinkable than that pumpkin shite, if only for the fact that this one is probably nitrogenated instead of carbonated. I'm giving this a 2 because I'm in a generous mood.

Speed Rating: 1/6... Let's just say that, well... let's put it this way... actually, it's like this... okay, I'll stop stalling and drink the effin' beer.

Intangibles: 4/6... Well, I gave a 6/6 on the Pumpkin beer because I was at home, but I'm just not feeling that generous about this one. However, I will give it some points for being over 5%.

Overall Effect: 1/6... I feel intoxicated... no that isn't it. I feel toxic.

Total: 8/24
Level of Drunkness: 0

I feel like this beer should've gotten more than an 8 out of 24, but I can't see where I might give it more points. Espresso beer... you suck!


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