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Friday, February 19, 2010

12/24 Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Amsterdam Brewery (Draught).

Reviewed on February 16, 2010.

I wish to make a slight revision to the "Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Amsterdam Brewery" beer review, where I will re-list that one as "Bottled" and this one as "Draught". On February 16, 2010 I tried this product for the first time on tap and I must say that I was not as impressed. In fact, I had a bit of trouble finishing the beer. I was at Kalendar with my father, and I even got him to try it, but there was a huge difference in that this particular beer came from a pump-tap. When beers come in this form they are often A) much warmer than usual, and B) not carbonated.
Not my cup of tea.
Not my cup of beer either, apparently.
I should have gone with the scotch ale, but the sample was very sweet to me.

Anyway, if I were to revise the rating it would go as follows:

First Impression: 2/6... Much darker looking without the green bottle, and without the right carbonation there was no head! At least it came in a Big Wheel glass, but at this point I don't care already.

Speed Rating: 1/6... Can't drink more than a pint. Barely drank less than a pint. Good thing I had an amazing half-chicken dish with mashed sweet potatoes to wash it down.

Intangibles: 6/6... Great venue, great food, great company.

Overall Effect: 3/6... but the intangibles have a lot to do with this rating, because there wasn't much else the beer had going for it.

Total: 12/24
Level of Drunkness: 0

18/24 Krambacher Dark.

Reviewed on February 13, 2010

First Impression: Dark, with a nice top, smells nice... all the things I like in a wom... beer. The roasted nut aftertaste makes the beer quite unique. For some reason the beer tasted much better as a free sample than as a full pint. Why didn't I put this tidbit of information into the "intangibles" section? Por que I think that the pint glass wasn't washed as well as the sampler glass. In the sample glass I could really taste the nuttiness to it, whereas in the pint glass I quickly became reminded of Keith's Stout... and I don't want to be reminded of Keith's Stout. There was also a hint of "beer-rag" taste, which probably meant the bartender wiped the side of the glass with a rag to get rid of the dripping foam. I'll give the beer the benefit of the doubt, and deduct from intangibles later for this. 4/6

Speed Rating: Could I pound this beer back? Sure. It does rate much different than the average for beer-guzzling; I could take this beer back all day, or I couldn't. 4/6

Intangibles: Beer-rag smell, crappy Chuck E. Cheese-like glass, reminded of Keith's Stout... so I say minus 1000 points for that. But I was at Insomnia, and I like Insomnia (the place, not the condition). Roberta served us, and she was fun, fun, fun 'till the server took the beer away. She had a tight corset on... it was red. Let's add 1005 points for the venue and the employee. 5/6

Overall Effect: The burnt-roasted hops brings a unique flavour to the beer that most beers can't. In this particular beer there are only the four base ingredients, and no additional preservatives or flavours added; that's gotta count for something. I'll have to go for their blonde wom... beer next time and see how it tastes. 5/6

Total: 18/24. Level of Drunkness: 3/10. I only had a half bottle of wine, and a dirty martini before dinner, and we had to walk to get to Insomnia (Again, the place, not the condition).