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Thursday, July 16, 2009

20.5/24 Waterloo Wheat

Reviewed August 5th, 2007
Brick Brewing Co.

6/6 First Impression: It came in a traditional 650mL bottle with a hog logo on it. The beer was almost amber, although I may have been fooled by that dark brown glass bottle it was served in. It had a nutty scent that was pleasantly sweet. The first swig was light, and easy to down; it was as sweet as it smelled. There was no bitterness at first, and no after taste. Eventually a slight bitterness crept up on the tongue the more it was imbibed(bedeebd).

5/6 Speed Rating: Can I pound it? SURE! But to be fair, after 5 or so of these 650mL bottles, I might want to switch it up a bit.

4.5/6 Intangible: I went to Cambridge to celebrate my friend's quarter century birthday. It was two full days of drinking and partying, and to begin the second day, I thought I'd start with something to rate for the good ol' Booze Bros. I went into the LCBO and at the front they were doing taste tests for Brick products. They didn't have the Wheat variety, but I did try the dark. Scrumptious! Anyway, I looked on the shelf to pick up some dark, and beside it I saw the LIMITED EDITION Waterloo wheat series. I knew I had to rate it... I loooove wheat bears.. I mean "beers"; I just got back from the party.

5/6 Overall Taste Quality: Whelp... I like wheat beer and this definitely beat some of the Rickards crappier blends. Brick made a good move by giving it a 'limited' status.


Intoxication level: 0/6; unless you count anything left in the veins from the night before. Can you believe I drank a daiquiri?!?


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