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Thursday, July 16, 2009

22.5/24 Tripel Karmeliet, Belgian beer, 8.4%

6/6 First Impression: Presented in a manly, yet elegant chalice fit for a king, this golden-amber coloured beer has a subtle fruity aroma. The wide-brimmed chalice has frosted fleur-de-lis along four sides, and makes you want to raise it in triumphant victory after a long battle against the army of hops and wheat. The first swig is buttery-smooth with a slight sharpness on the palette, and no lingering aftertaste.

5/6 Speed Rating: This isn’t a guzzling beverage by any means, but that isn’t to say that one couldn’t pound these babies back all afternoon. It’s just that if one were to imbibe exuberant amounts of the same beer for hours on end, one might not necessarily choose to lose their senses on such a “high-end” seeming beer. It would be like having a speed eating competition where the product is an aged for forty days porterhouse chipotle steak made from better than triple A beef.

5/6 Intangibles: When I tried this particular bevy for the first time I was at The Fat Belgian on John Street. It is an elegant bar-bistro that serves extremely decent food. More importantly their beer selection is vast and although slightly eccentric, each brings their own unique qualities to the menu. The servers are similarly unique and perhaps a bit eccentric, but who’s really looking at their personalities?

I tried Tripel Karmeliet again at the Beer Bistro; and for anyone who has been to that fine establishment, you would know that that place automatically adds an extra point to the intangibles column of the Booze Bros (dot CA!) beer review. It’s simple really, any place that has a larger selection of beer than they do food, is a place worth going to.

6.5/6 Overall Taste Quality: Yes, I said “6.5” out of six. The beer actually altered my genetic makeup, and increased the number of taste receptors on my tongue. It then implanted memories of sexual encounters with Jessica Alba into my head, and played them on loop for the next two hours.


Intoxication level: 0, although just looking at the wonderful, grail-like chalice filled with liquid of hope seemed to increase my intoxication level before even taking a swig.


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