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Thursday, July 16, 2009

17.5/24 Labatt 50

Reviewed July 16th, 2007

3.5/6 First impression. (See "Intangible" section for glass type) The brass coloured light ale was served to me with minimal head -- and I'd like at least some head with my beer, thank you very much barkeep. There was a faint aroma that I could only place as a 'floral scent' of some kind. Its flavour reminded me of a saloon in an old western movie; something about a leathery boot taste. The taste seemed to last in the mouth for quite some time after imbibing, and left a copper flavour on the tongue (you'll never catch me copper!).

6/6 Speed rating. A '6' you say... This means that it must be EXTREMELY POUNDIBLE. Very easy to drink at first, until you realize just how long the aftertaste seems to linger. With each new sip the beer becomes more bitter, and more saloon/boot/western tasting. The warmer the beer gets, the worse it tastes... so you'd BETTER pound it back fast!

4/6 Intangible. So far I had been drinking beer in a cold, heavy mug, with a handle and some girth on it... just the way I like it. But when I asked to try a 50, it was served to me in a tall, thin glass with a stem like a wine glass! The pub was my local watering hole, giving the beer extra points, but the service was worse than at Jack Astor's Front Street when head office is not in, and there is only a 'supervisor' on duty instead of an actual manager. That is a big minus in my books. If my glass EVER reaches empty (twice I might add), and five extra minutes passes before I hear those wonderful words "can I get you another beer?" then we have a problem.

4/6 Overall taste quality. There is something about this beer that reminds me of sneaking into my grandfather's basement cellar, and taking whatever alcohol I can find. Yes, it's true... this beer was introduced in 1950, and was Labatt's number 1 beer until my year of birth (1979) when Blue took its place -- thanks for the history lesson, Labatt website. But they must have started a whispering campaign saying that 50 is coming back, because no one over, well, my age would normal walk into a beer store and say "hey, let's get some 50".
I don't really know how good this beer can actually be, considering I'm the first person to review it. It's not like the beer is unattainable in pubs, and to see that no one would even think to give it a review...
Okay, so I don't HATE it, and certainly wanted to give it at least a 50.. haha? so overall taste quality gets a 4.

17.5/24 Total

Intoxication Level 0.0005/6 I couldn't resist.. I had a Blanche de Chambly to start.


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